The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Jennifer A. Nielsen, author of the humorous middle-grade series, The Underworld Chronicles, has done it again. The False Prince, book one of her newest trilogy, was released today.

The False Prince is set is the land of Carthya, where the murder of the royal family is being kept a secret, for fear that the battle for the throne will throw the land into a civil war. The only hope is that someone will find Prince Jaron, the hot-tempered, mischievous younger son who was sent away when he was ten because his antics were a distraction to the king. Unfortunately, Prince Jaron’s ship was attacked by pirates shortly after he set sail, and there were no survivors.

Still, there are rumors that the prince may have survived. Still, there is hope that he may be found. And no other can claim the throne until these rumors are put to rest.

Not that any of this matters to Sage. He has nothing to do with politics.  He is only a poor orphan and an excellent thief.  His only concern is where he will get his next meal. But when a regent named Conner comes to Sage’s orphanage looking for 14-year –old boys to pose as Prince Jaron, Sage is thrown head first into a web of lies, deceit and power games. But the question is: who is playing whom?

With the wit and humor that Nielsen has become known for, The False Prince will have you in stitches as you cheer for a little thief who just may become king. I’m not giving anything away here. You will just have to get the book. 

Happy reading! — Julie

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