Chick Lit Review: Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Sometimes I just need to read a good space-out-and-barely-think-while-reading type of book. Especially after completing required reading in school. Or, if you’re half-way through the HPB Lit Classics Reading Challenge, maybe you’re ready for a change of pace. That’s where wonderful “chick lit” novels like Spin by Catherine McKenzie come in. 

Spin‘s protagonist, Kate Sanford, scores an interview for her dream job at The Line, a hip music magazine, on the eve of her 30th birthday. After celebrating too much the night before, she shows up to the interview still drunk– thus royally screwing up her interview. Following an unfortunate incident in the bathroom, she did not receive her dream job; she was, however, offered another. The task: Follow a reality TV star, Amber Sheppard, to rehab and write a “killer exposé” on the experience. Kate decides to do it.
On the first day of group therapy in rehab, Kate meets Amber, who pretends to be a frog to catch the attention of a director, who is also in rehab. Kate starts out only wanting to discover the inside scoop for her article, but soon finds a soft spot for Amber, with whom Kate becomes great friends. Will Kate actually write the tell-all article about Amber?
After just a few pages, I was hooked, drawn in by Kate’s quirky and fallible character. I loved when Kate says during her drunken interview, “I had a lot of trouble narrowing down my musical influences because I really love all kinds of music. Like, I might dig a Britney Spears song, and the next minute be listening to, you know, Korn.”
This book is often hilarious and even sometimes touching. Spin comes out in paperback today (Feb. 7). Thanks to publisher William Morrow for sending us a copy to review.
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What types of books do you use to escape and take your mind of things?

— Kristen B.

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