Vote for Your Favorite Romantic Movie + Enter to Win

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. So in the spirit of Cupid, we’ve rounded up some of our Staff Picks — the most-watched and adored romantic movies across the decades. And we’d like you to cast your vote. If you’re looking to snuggle up with your sweetheart on V-Day, there are 30 great romantic movies to choose from on this list.

While you’re at it, make a comment below telling us why you love your selected romantic movie and be entered to win an HPB Gift Card. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, February 14. Winner will be randomly selected at 3:00 pm CST on 02.14.12.

Good luck! And Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

— Meredith

134 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite Romantic Movie + Enter to Win

  1. I chose "You've Got Mail" because it is refreshing to see two people who hate each other at one point in time can be turned around by love. He began to care for her because of the person that she really was underneath her anger. She let him in the door when she was sick and he showed her love through all the small things that he did for her. She responded to that love because she could see that he was genuine in his actions and words. It all took time though. To give time to something is a choice we all make, or not.

  2. Wow! There were several good choices for best romantic movie of ALL time–some tough face-offs for sure. But, oddly enough, I had to choose a recent movie discovery–Roman Holiday. I watched it for the first time last September and was blown away by how the story was so painfully beautiful. It left me with a heartache for days. And with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn starring and performing spectacularly, there could be no better choice. (Although Princess Bride would be a close second!)

  3. I first read the book, and then saw the movie, The Notebook. It is the most romantic movie I have ever seen. I watch it again and again.

  4. My best friend's wedding is my favorite love story for a couple of reasons. First-Julia Roberts is great! Second-Because it is not a cliche movie. She finds out she loves her best friend but it is too late. He has already met the love of his life-she missed his chance. She learns the best way to love him is to let him go-Love it!!!!!!!

  5. My favorite is Romeo + Juliet (1996) Leonardo Dicapiro and Claire Danes verison. This film is intense, raw and beautiful. You can feel the emotions when you watch it. It's a tragically, beautiful story. It will always will be untouchable!

  6. So many great options! But I had to choose The Princess Bride because it's so funny, adventurous, romantic, and — "This is true love — you think this happens every day?"

  7. I like "While You Were Sleeping" because it reminds me that my family isn't the only family that's nuts! Not to mention, Bill Pullman is adorable and I love Sandra Bullock movies.

  8. I like "While You Were Sleeping" because it reminds me that my family isn't the only family that's nuts! Not to mention, Bill Pullman is adorable and I love Sandra Bullock movies.

  9. I selected other and typed in Pretty Woman. I love the story, adore Julia Roberts & Richard Gere together.Here are some of my favorites you left off the list– Say Anything, Green Card, Mr. Wonderful & 16 Candlesand what about An Officer & a Gentleman?

  10. When Harry Met Sally answered the age old question "Can a man and woman be friends?" in a delightfully comedic, romantic way in this great film. While showing the pain, anger, & frustration of broken relationships, it also shows the joy of new beginnings…While answering THE question, it shows two people truly form a genuine friendship who then fall in love, despite themselves! To me, it is the epitome of a "feel good" movie that continues to cause dialog years after being released!!

  11. Somewhere in Time is my favorite movie. It is about a man that sacrifices his life in the present to find happiness in the past. He travels back in time to where true love awaits him.

  12. I voted for "The Lake House" because it is the quintessential story of romantic love waiting for the perfect moment, yet it also explores the love between family members with its ebbs and flows. The twist of the story line as the time lines converge and Sandra's character puts the pieces together adds just the right touch of suspense and anticipation for the "happy ending" moment when they finally meet. I get misty eyed every time.

  13. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite! It shows that love goes beyond looks, it goes beyond the physical. In a world where we glorify beauty to no end, Beauty and the Beast screams that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. It is exactly the kind of love story I want my kids to see.

  14. I have to choose Sense and Sensibility as my all-time favorite romantic movie. Colonel Brandon is the kind of man I dream about marrying someday. Imagine a man who is so constant in his affections that he's willing to wait for you and watch over you from afar as you act like a complete imbecile, rather than settling for the next woman to glance in his direction. The fact that he's played by the amazing Alan Rickman doesn't hurt matters either…

  15. Must Love Dogs is a very special movie. The quick wit by all the characters is great and it has a happy ending. I love the chemistry between Diane and John, also who could not love Mother Teresa!

  16. A walk to remember is a classic, i have loved it since the first time i saw it. Their chemestry is amazing and the plot line is specatcular.

  17. "Where The Heart Is" is such a wonderful love story on many levels. It so beautifully shows the love of a man and woman for their spouse. The love of friends for each other. The love of family for family and the joy and hope these levels of love bring to a person's life. The characters in this movie are so real! This movie is SOOO GOOD!

  18. Sense and Sensibility is definitely my favorite romantic movie. I just lose it every single time when at the end, Hugh Grant's character tells Emma Thompson's character "my heart is, and always will be…yours." So sweet! And who doesn't love a uniform-clad Alan Rickman? Sigh.

  19. Hi… it's too hard to pick just one from this list and my own.. I will start with and in no real order:1. An Affair to Remember2. The Quiet Man3. Pride and Prejustice(keira version)4. Serendipity5. The Runaway Bride6. The Thomas Crown Affair(Both of them really–but the FULL CUT Peirce and Renee one–very STEAMY)7. Officer and A Gentleman8. The Sound of Music9. The American President10. Dirty Danciig11. The NotebookI am sure I can think of more…

  20. Love Actually is a wonderful film about all types of love – romantic, friendship, familial. Not only are there the sappy, predictable moments, but there are surprising moments as bittersweet as they are lovely. It's just such a great love film :)(Princess Bride was a close second… and of course, Stardust!)

  21. I would have to pick Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel. I know it's not well known but I love the story! It has everything-a sweet love story, funny moments, and tears!

  22. My fiance and I watch Wall-ee each year. It is cute, simple, and silly…just like us! I think the best romantic movies remind you of your own love.

  23. Hugh Grant as an unsuccessful used bookstore owner with a nutty roommate winning the heart of the world's most beautiful movie star (Julia Roberts at her most gorgeous) gives hope to all us ordinary people. Love wins out.

  24. I love the movie "Leap Year" because it is funny and shows you that love does not always come in the package you think it should. You need to be open to other options that come along.

  25. I chose Titanic. When the movie first premiered I was 17 and was sick to death of the hype surrounding the movie. I refused to see it despite my mom wanting me to go. Then she bought it on VHS. And I was home bored one evening..and tried soo hard to not cry. I hated to admit it back then but I enjoyed Titanic. And now I absolutely love the film. Kate Winslet is one of my all time favorite actresses.

  26. Ghost is my favorite romantic movie of all time because it is about a love that protects the other person from beyond the grave. It makes me laugh & cry every time I see it or hear the music from it.

  27. The Princess Bride not only does it have romance but a great adventure and is so funny. It's one of my favorite movies. Beauty & The Beast came in a close second.

  28. "Somewhere In Time" (staring the enchanting duo of Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves) is passionate, magical love story! You can feel the passion, the longing, and the fulfillment as two souls meet across a greater divide than Romeo and Juliet had to cross. It has you holding your breath at times, aching from longing for connecting, and the jarring separation from each other; and finally, the ache to get back to a true soul mate across time!

  29. The reason I chose Titanic is because it was and still is the greatest movie of all time. Don't tell me when you watch it you don't cry like a baby I still do to this day.

  30. I chose An Affair to Remember. I have loved that movie for what seems like forever. It is so incredibly romantic and Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are just magnificent in it. I could never get tired of this film.

  31. I chose Moulin Rouge because of the storyline that touched my heart. So fun with all the characters all in different directions but at the same time all intertwined with the storyline. Beautiful backgrounds with the Moon scene that made this movie a real winner. I could watch it everyday and not ever get sentimental about it. I love all the songs and can quote most classic lines.

  32. My favorite is The Best Years of our Lives – 3 romances for the price of one. The older couple who have been through a lot through the years, the disabled sailor whose girl won't give up on him, and the returning flier who suffers through an unfaithful wife but finds new romance. (and the kiss ending the movie)

  33. Ok, I'll try again to post. I voted for Dirty Dancing, but I almost considered writing in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. What a great movie!

  34. I voted for Brokeback Mountain. Oh, it breaks my heart it's so sad but there's so much love between them. Such a beautiful movie.

  35. I listed Pride & Prejudice (2007). It is a TRUE love story! Starts off rough, but happy endings for all in the end. It's just BRILLANT! Runner up, Sense and Sensibility. Seven Academy Award nominiations, winner of Best Screenplay by the talented Emma Thompson, wonderful acting by the lovely Kate Winslet, it's also a TRUE love story! Happy Saint Valentine's Day Everyone!

  36. I went with The Princess Bride but it was hard to pick just one. For me; it would have been a three way tie between P.S. I Love You, The Notebook and The Princess Bride 🙂 Then toss in Lady and the Tramp as a 'ringer' LOL

  37. I have voted "as you wish!" Sorry for being sappy, but isn't that part of what makes a good romantic movie. Princess Bride is filled with fantasy, reality, "twuu wuv," and many twists & turns, but in the end it's the hero Wesley's undying love for Buttercup that wins this contest. Princess Bride is sheer fun from start to finish and will last for generations to come!

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