Books for Your 2012 New Year’s Resolution

With the start of a new year, one can feel renewed with hope. Or, perhaps motivation. It’s a chance to better yourself, to start new habits or quit old ones. To pick up a new hobby or challenge yourself to face your fears. There’s a wealth of inspiration in store for you at Half Price Books. Check out some of these nonfiction titles to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Books to steer your health, diet and fitness…


Books to better your business or inspire your career path…

Books for self-improvement and relationships…


Or, perhaps you’re too hard on yourself. Or, life’s been a little too hard on you. If so, here’s to more laugh-out-loud laughter this year!

Books to help you lighten up and live a little…


Happy New Year!

May it be a resolute 2012!

— Meredith

One thought on “Books for Your 2012 New Year’s Resolution

  1. At the end of last month, I actually started PALEO because of my diabetes and has really helped get control on it. So, that is a good book to list and I recommend it too. Thanks for thinking about Paleo diet in your post.

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