It Came Across the Buy Counter: Allen Ginsberg + Timothy Leary

So, how in the world did the Bryan, Texas HPB snag Allen Ginsberg for a book-signing appearance? I don’t know how it happened, but: in May, 1984, it did happen. And around that same time, Ginsberg cohort Timothy Leary was in the area for a speaking appearance. And both of these guys signed stuff. And somebody brought it to us to sell, 27 years later, at our Flagship store in Dallas.


Signed flyers, one from Ginsberg’s HPB event and the other from Leary’s speaking engagement, were accompanied by an album, LSD, inscribed by both of them. Ginsberg wrote, “This record is a hype: by a Mr. Livingston head of Capitol late 1960’s.” Leary wrote, “I agree.” Leary also signed the front of the album cover. That’s three Timothy Learys and two Allen Ginsbergs!


When I found out these treasures had been brought to the main store, I remembered an anecdote about Allen Ginsberg from the Bryan HPB related by Dru Wilson, now working at the North Lamar store in Austin. I gave him a call, and he confirmed that Ginsberg had been at HPB on May 4, 1984. Dru was there, and got Ginsberg to sign some books. Dru said that Timothy Leary had spoken at Texas A&M around that same time. A little supportive documentation from one of our own!

The Flagship Store’s Collectibles Pricer Joe Madden will be selling the items as a one-of-a-kind set for $3,000. Please contact the store if you are interested in purchasing.

— Steve, The Buy Guy

3 thoughts on “It Came Across the Buy Counter: Allen Ginsberg + Timothy Leary

  1. I think in '84, Ginsberg gave a music and poetry reading at the Twilight Room, maybe sponsored by the Dallas Artist's Coop?If part of the tour included Bryan, that wouldn't be too surprising.

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