DJ K :: New Year’s Eve Playlists

Last year at this time, my friend Tara Wilson asked me to create a New Year’s Eve playlist for a party she was having at her house. It was so much fun I just couldn’t resist doing it again this year for our little HPB blog!

*GIANT DISCLAIMER* These are subjective playlists of songs I quite like, from my own music library. Apologies if you hate all 30+ songs — music tastes definitely differ from human to human. That being said, I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments about which songs you would have included, or takes on New Year’s Eve playlists you would make for your own parties.

Playlist One: “Cooler Than Me”

As in, I found out about these songs/bands from individuals or sources who are significantly cooler than me (e.g. our own JD, KXT Radio here in Dallas, and my friend Mandy, who incidentally is a huge HPB shopper and produces an awesome mixed CD each Christmas with her husband Victor.)  

Playlist Two: “Classic Singalongs”

As in, the songs you know you love to karaoke/dance at weddings/belt at the top of your lungs in your car, even if you won’t admit it.

Playlist Three: “Dance Dance”

I imagine this is the list I’ll get the most abuse over. At some point you just gotta be true to yourself, no matter what the world has to say about Chris Brown and Britney. Oh, Britney.

As always, head on over to your local HPB to look through our vinyl and CD selections, and maybe even pick up a USB turntable for the New Year. So, which songs do you think I SHOULD have included for the best New Year’s Eve party ever?

— Kristen D.

2 thoughts on “DJ K :: New Year’s Eve Playlists

  1. I always throw on "The New Year" by Death Cab for Cutie after the clock hits midnight/the ball drops/I kiss my husband. It's a little jaded, a little hopeful, and you can kinda dance to it.P.S. thanks for the shout-out 🙂

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