HPB Gift Guide for Booklovers, Movie Collectors, Music Buffs & Comic Enthusiasts

Happy holidays, booklovers! Have you finished shopping for gifts for your loved ones yet? If you’re anything like me, you’ve just started. Some call it procrastination, others say they work best under pressure — personally, I have to marinate in pine-scented, jingle-bell-rocked, gingerbread-and-candy-caned, just-watched-Love-Actually goodness for a few weeks before my Christmas spirit really kicks in.

So for those of you who will be spending the 12 days before Christmas shopping furiously, here are a few ways we at HPB can help out: 1) Shop for presents of mind at any of our 114 stores (in doing so, you’ll contribute to our Million Book Project, wherein we’ll donate more than a million books in 2012) 2) Visit hpbmarketplace.com and search for books, movies, music & more from 20,000 independent sellers 3) Buy a gift card and receive a bonus $5 HPB gift card for yourself, good in January or 4) Check out the gift guide below, including 3 bonus videos highlighting some HPB merchandise in an — ahh– entertaining and unusual fashion 🙂

Gifts for Book Lovers




Gifts for Movie & Television Buffs






Gifts for Music Heads  



 Gifts for Gamers & Comic Fanatics   



As promised, and against our better judgment, may we present “Karl & Kristyn Go Shopping.”

Happy Holidays!

— Kristen D.

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