New Fiction Review: The Space Between

If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, check out The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff, which became available to the public earlier this month. I opened up the first page and have to admit I was quite shocked – and not necessarily in a good way – when I read the first page. But, I powered on, and soon couldn’t put the book down. The book couldn’t have possibly been more different from the last book I read, The Marriage Plot, but it was exactly what I was looking for!

The Space Between is the tale of a demon girl, Daphne, who goes to Earth to find her brother, Obie, who is also a demon but is on Earth for a while. Daphne and Obie’s mother has a vision that Obie is in trouble. Because Daphne is half human/half demon and able to visit Earth, she is tasked with finding her brother. When Daphne goes to Earth, the first person she finds is one of Obie’s old friends, Truman. Truman has just attempted suicide and Daphne helps revive him. Soon, Truman joins Daphne in the search to find Obie before it is too late.

There are just the right amounts of paranormal, action, and romance in this book. For me it took some getting used to reading about demons, but once I got the hang of it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you’re a fan of young adult paranormal romance and have already devoured The Space Between, you might also enjoy these titles (click on images for links):



Don’t YA Paranormal Fiction books have the greatest covers?

This has definitely put me in the mood to read more books that are centered around fantasy/the paranormal/science fiction. Have any good recommendations for what I should read next?

 — Kristen B.

One thought on “New Fiction Review: The Space Between

  1. I highly recommend anything by Guy Gavriel Kay. He's a Canadian fantasy author. I've read all but 2 of his books, and I already have bought them. He is such a great writer. I like that his books seem like historical tales with a bit of fantasy thrown in. Last Light Of The Sun is my favorite so far, but I've loved them all. The other writer I found a few years ago is science fiction writer Richard K. Morgan. Altered Carbon is a modern classic, in my view. His main character Kovacs is the coolest concept since Doctor Who, as his mind can be stored in technology that can be put in different bodies at different times. And then he's a kick ass private eye mercenary. I've loved all his books also. His new fantasy series starts with The Steel Remains. Treat yourself and check out these 2 fantastic authors.

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