Thriller Anniversary

The historic, epic, magnanimous album, Thriller, was released this very day in 1982. Our HPB corporate operations director tells a great story about a night he was managing the main Dallas location, around the time of Thriller-mania. A non-descript “large” bodyguard entered Half Price Books and asked if it was ok for Michael Jackson to come in and shop. It was late on a weekend evening, so there were scarce employees or customers in the store. A quiet Michael Jackson did some browsing (JUST LIKE YOU AND I) and left with a few treasures (JUST LIKE YOU AND I). We didn’t have any security cameras to capture the moment at the time and no employees bugged the uber-celeb for a photo or an autograph…we’re cool like that.

What a bummer that such a talent is gone too soon. We’ve sold a lot of Michael Jackson records, cassettes, CDs, books and movies through the years, but Thriller’s top of the list. What a cool moment in history, agree?

— Becky

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