Celebrate America Recycles Day with Book Art

It’s America Recycles Day! Are you recycling, America? Half Price Books prides itself on preserving and recycling anything printed or recorded since 1972. Approximately three quarters of what we put on the shelves are re-sold items for you to discover amongst our store full of treasures! If you buy from us, you are part of the joyous (re)cycle!

In honor of America Recycles Day, I have a fitting confession to make (forgive me): I once…bought books….without intending to read them. You see, I saw this blog post some years back and I thought surely, with my crafty and creative genes, I could construct an amateur version of such spectacular art. Long shredded-paper-and-Xacto- knife-wound story short, I couldn’t. However, if you ever need a human paper shredder, I am your girl. I still sometimes happen upon the fine confetti buried in my carpet reminding me –painfully- of a crafting night gone wrong.

But let us forget the past and leave the hard part to the professionals! Celebrate this America Recycles Day by marveling at the art of these up-cycled book sculptures. And, if you’ve had any better attempts at this craft than me, send me some tips or just post a picture on our facebook page to rub it in my face.

Make something beautiful by recycling today—and every day!

— Becky G.

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