Vegan Month: Forks Over Knives

As the lone* vegetarian on the blog team, I was tapped to cover Vegan Month (November.) My husband and I have been vegetarian for going on two years, and at times we’ve tried to go vegan.

(Quick time out for definitions/distinctions: Vegetarians do not eat meat; vegans do not eat animal products of any kind, including meat, eggs, cheese, milk, butter, gelatin etc.)

It is extremely difficult in practice to be vegan, mostly because of the butter factor (almost all restaurants cook with butter). Nearly all pastries have milk, eggs & butter. Anything with gelatin includes animal products (to preserve your good faith in marshmallows and Starburst, I will not elaborate further.) And who can live without cheese — truly, a difficult thing.

What we put in our tummies is a very personal choice, of course, so power to all you meat-eaters. I could really go for some clam chowder every now and then. If, however, you have ever played around with the idea of choosing a plant-based diet, you might be interested in watching Forks Over Knives, a fascinating documentary about the effects of meat and dairy consumption on our population’s health. It’s pretty heavy stuff, though, so be prepared: it’ll make you want to cut more than just jello from your diet.

Here’s the trailer, and you can buy the DVD here at

Also, topic of discussion: tofu. Love or hate?

— Kristen D.

*Footnote: Kate used to be a vegetarian. BW is really disappointed in her for going back. He sheds a single tear for every bite of chicken salad.

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