NaNoWriMo Check In

Hi guys! Okay, we’re 8 days into NaNoWriMo— so how’s it going, WriMos? 

It is not going well in my camp. As I shared with my friend Mandy yesterday, I feel like what I do manage to write each day is just very, very bad. I have yet to hit a rhythm and often make ugly faces at the sentences as they appear on the screen. So far the pages look a lot like this: 

“words words words words NEED NAME FOR THIS MINOR CHARACTER words words words words WHAT IS THIS FLYING DEVICE CALLED words words words words NEED TO FIGURE OUT HISTORY ON THIS words words words words SO DOES HE* HAVE AMNESIA OR IS HE MUTE OR AN ORPHAN OR BOTH.”  

*”He,” of course, is my main character. I’ve been developing this book for almost a year — you’d think I would have these major details worked out by now. %#$@

Anyone else feeling discouraged? To get through it, I keep imagining that I’m standing in the middle of this lovefest: 

 Hope that helps some of you too 🙂 Also, hey! There’s still time to enter our drawing over at this post— so go comment on what you write for a chance to win a HPB gift card. 

Happy (or unhappy) writing (either way, don’t give up! Harry and Cedric would be so disappointed :)) 

— Kristen D. 

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