A Riddle, HPB Halloween Potluck Style

Riddle: What’s tangy, delicious and resembles a dead Egyptian carcass?

I assume since it’s noon and a lovely Dallas day in late October, you must be standing in the buffet line of the Annual Half Price Books Corporate Office Creepy Potluck (happening today, right this second) and the answer is Mummy Meatloaf, of course.

This HPB corporate tradition is looked upon with  much anticipation/dread each year. Pot-luck dish entries range from the hilarious: “Eyeball cakes” (quite tasty, by the way) to the terrifying: a plate of dried cranberries labeled simply, “SCABS!” And some just go for delicious. Our head of accounting’s famous Corn Casserole dish is drool-worthy and there are never any leftovers. Our Executive VP’s Mac-n-Cheese entry won the tastiest honor so many times we ended up naming the award after it: the “Golden Macaroni Spoon,” thusly and arguably the most coveted prize of all. 

Prizes you say? Of course! “The Creepy Spoon” and the “Golden Macaroni” trophies are given to the foods gaining the most votes in the terrifying or tasty categories, respectively. Four years ago we added another plaque of honor – “The CARVY”- awarded for excellence in inter-departmental Pumpkin-decorating. Our I.T. department holds 2 of 3 Carvy wins:  

(Pictured Above: HPB I.T. CARVY Champions)

Some of us (myself included) have been planning our dishes for an entire year now…the CREEPY SPOON is miiiiiine! Only one decision left to make: rat-shaped cheese balls or severed-finger chili? Oh also, would you eat food your co-worker prepared for you? Even if it was named “SCABS?” (…ok, just checking, I would (and did) too.)

What do you and your co-workers do to get in the spooky spirit this time of year?

— Becky G.

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