Enter to Win an HPB Gift Card on Dictionary Day

Did you know this Sunday, October 16, is Dictionary Day? Dictionary Day honors Noah Webster, considered by many to be the Father of the American Dictionary. Born on October 16, 1758, Webster began to write his dictionary at the age of 43, and after 27 years, the dictionary was complete! In addition to traditional English vocabulary, it contains uniquely American words.

Aren’t dictionaries helpful? Such a wonderful resource, right? In honor of Dictionary Day, HPB has developed a brand-new term for customers’ ultimate resource, whether they’re seeking a new author, a new genre to get into, or a certain hard-to-find book: The HPB Bibliomaniac.

Don’t know what an HPB Bibliomaniac is? Here’s a handy definition for you:

Our knowledgeable booklovers are unique, interesting people who wait in anticipation to talk books with any curious customer out there. Whether it’s a certain title you can’t quite remember, an author whose name you forgot, or a textbook needed for class, our Bibliomaniacs are happy to help you find what you need!

Check out the great things our customers have to say about our Bibliomaniacs:


To take part in Dictionary Day (which all Bibliomaniacs celebrate with great enthusiasm and verve), take time to peruse your dictionary and brush up on some vocab (just in case there’s a spelling bee around the corner).

Enter to win an HPB Gift Card by making a comment here telling us about your best customer service experience at Half Price Books. We’d love to hear how our Bibliomaniacs helped you. Winner will be randomly selected on Monday, October 17.

— Jessica W.

99 thoughts on “Enter to Win an HPB Gift Card on Dictionary Day

  1. I have unwittingly started collecting copies of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Every time I visit HPB, there's another edition, either with a nice collector's cover or notes about Jane Austen's time. The employees are always helpful and check you out with a smile!

  2. I have no specific experience to share but have never had a bad time at any HPB. I have always loved it, missed it so much when we moved to Georgia where there is none, and so happy to be back in Texas with lots of locations nearby.

  3. I was helped by this awesomely rabid comic book dude in the back of the store (North Lamar location, Austin). He got me so into it, I went and purchased a jumbo surprise bag! And his recommendation to buy an unseen bag of comics really made my day after I opened it, since I got to read a bunch of stuff I *never* would have plucked off the shelf, and the bag was so crammed full of comic books, I was occupied for quite a while.

  4. My husband and I purchased some books at the HPB flagship store in Dallas to donate to Alabama schools damaged by tornadoes earlier this year. When the checkout clerk saw that we were removing sticker prices before dropping the books into the donation bin,he offered and took the time to help us. HPB employees have always been helpful whenever I ask for help or suggestions finding a particular book but offering to help with the book donations was an extra kind and gracious gesture.

  5. I no longer live in a city that has a Half Price Books (and I'm going through withdrawl), but at the one I used to go to all the time, I always felt very "at home". The staff always treated me like a person as opposed to just a customer. They would talk to me about books I was purchasing or thinking about purchasing, and it was refreshing to walk into a store and have an actual conversation with someone instead of forced interaction. I have recomended Half Price Books to all my friends and have caused a lot of them to fall in love with the store too. So thanks for the excellent customer service!

  6. I love visiting your Half Price stores around Pittsburgh, PA. The employees are always helpful, polite, and I never leave empty-handed! I'm especially thankful for your stores, as I am a teacher, and often purchase books for my classroom, school, and students at your stores. It's such a blessing to be able to buy good books at a great price. Thank you, Half Price Books!!

  7. Since I retired, I have gotten more frugal..I live in Corpus Christi, and that is my "neighborhood store"..but when I visit my son in Austin, I tour all the Half Prices..In Austin I load up on poetry.

  8. I went in to my local HPB after my first week of classes. I asked one of the familiar faces if they could look up to see if they had a particular text book I needed.. yesterday. We found the text book and I saved $40 off the renting price for most websites! Double win.

  9. It's always great being surrounded by fellow book nerds at HPB in Florence, KY. It always makes my day that much better. I sell a fairly large amount of books at least once a month and it's good to know they're being put to good use 🙂 I dont know what'd I'd do without HFB.

  10. I am a crazy bibliomaniac myself. I tend to know what I'm already looking for, what I want and what I'm not interested it. I have around a 700 book library at my house and I want more. I love buying my books and HPBs it makes my dollar go a lot father. There was one time when I was trying to figure out of the of original writers to Beauty and the Beast, the bookseller was able to figure out Beaumont's name for me as well as find a copy of her version in the Mythology section.

  11. I just discovered HPB in July and have been many times since. One time, I was looking for the first book in C.S. Lewis space series, but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I asked one the HPB bilbomanias and he instantly knew what I was talking about. So, he searched in a few different spots for me checking for it. He couldn't find it, but he did say he would order for it me so I could get it soon. I have always been pleased with the customer service at HPB and like that there is an option even if the book isn't there.

  12. Thank you for your stores, love looking & buying. I got my Supreme Court tapes from your Irving location. Ya'll always have good customer service!! Thank you again!!

  13. On the store on Westheimer in Houston, TX they have record frames on the wall as art with laserdiscs in them. Well, I was mentioning to my roommate that I would love to have a certain one that was up there for my collection. The cashier overheard me and asked if I wanted it that they would take it off the wall for me. There were no prices, so I never knew they were for sale. I was so shocked and surprise. They called a guy from the back with a tall ladder and it proceeded to take down the laserdisc off the wall and sell it to me for the same price as the other discs I was buying. That was above and beyond for me and it has become my favorite store to shop in. I have lots of choices being in Houston, but Westheimer store Rocks!!!

  14. I've never had a bad experience at any Half Price Books store I've been to (and I've visited quite a few!) Every visit the staff are helpful and considerate. It's always a pleasure shopping there.

  15. I could spend days, literally DAYS, wandering around in the Dallas Northwest Highway location! I can't even step into that store without finding something that I can't live without. Whether I'm buying or selling books, the staff have always been super courteous and friendly. Thanks, y'all!

  16. I've been going to Half Price books for over a decade now. I go because I almost always find something I didn't even know I was looking for!

  17. I have always had good service at HPB's – especially when I come to pick up donations for my elementary school – they have helped get books into the hands of children that might never have had a book of their own before! What an awesome partnership! I can't say enough good things about HPBooks:)

  18. Bibliomaniac that is me- the electronic bookmedia are soulless – lacking in bookish smelland tactile comfort. HPB will always be my happyplace.

  19. I love going to HPB! We go all the time! The best customer service I had was about 4 months ago when I had to look for some college books! The employee helped me by calling out to the other stores to see if they had the book in stock! I work full time and take care of a family of 4 and paying full price for college books is out of the question for me! But we found my psychology book that I needed at another store and they held it for me! HPB will always be my favorite place to shop!And I buy a lot of the clearance books because I work at a cancer clinic and the patients are always happy to have books to read while they are undergoing their long treatments! Thank goodness for the clearance section!

  20. last year when I went o encash all the half price bucks my kids had earned over the summer, the cashier was very nice to help me save the most.

  21. I just love how friendly the staff always is at Half Price Books. I read everything from the classics to obscure authors to cheesy chick lit when I'm in the mood. There are several times when, based on my eclectic mix of purchases, store employees have recommended other books I might be interested in. Not only do they keep me coming back, they re-excite my love of reading with their suggestions. I know they genuinely love the books they're recommending by the way they talk about them, and I appreciate that. 🙂

  22. Sadly, the best customer service at our HPB is when the cashiers look at you and acknowledge you when they're ringing you up. Even that can be rare.

  23. The staff at the Olathe, KS store are very helpful and professional. I once witnessed a situation with a customer who was unhappy when HPB could not offer more money for his trade-in books. This was obviously a HPB neophyte! The customer kept trying to argue about the amount. The staffmember was very patient in dealing with her troublesome patron, and did her best to defuse the confrontation. It was all I could do not to jump into the conversation and tell the customre to stop being so rude! Eventually the customer left, yelling some choice comments over his shoulder.The HPB staff took it all in stride. They can't please everyone, but they are heroes in my book!

  24. I get so enthused looking through the books at HPB searching for my next purchase. I have found many enjoyable reads with the helpful suggestions of the friendly staff. What I delight in even more is taking the grandkids there and watching them spend time deciding on the best book they can find to take home and make their own. They really get excited when we go on our HPB adventures!

  25. When I was in college my local HPB was THE place to get books for class. They were always cheaper than any of the bookstores. Now that I have graduated, it is still the place for a good deal. I often sell my books in order to get new ones and have never had a less than terrific experience. Oh, and I love the blog!

  26. I am always on the lookout for total steals when it comes to my favorite animes, and mangas. At the Apple Valley, MN store, I formed a "nerd coalition" with one of my now favorite employees, Chris. I give him all of the titles I am looking for, and he holds them for me if he happens to come across them. He also holds titles that he thinks may be of interest to me, and they generally are! I love my HPB!

  27. I can't pick just one instance when customer service was exceptional at Half Price Books. Your staff is ALWAYS pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable! So refreshing when most places today have such deplorable customer service. LOVE HPB!! ❤

  28. I think going to half price books is my childrens favorite outing. They could spend hours, we have to pull them away. Sometimes we give them a challenge like: you each have $2.00 to spend on a book the whole family would want to read or $2.00 and you have to find 3 books etc… We have to limit what we will spend and then spend so much more.

  29. My ex- boyfriend and I used to go on "half price books" dates 🙂 We would spend a day and go to all three locations and look around. We would spend hours just trying to find the best deals. We always had wonderful customer service. I'm a teacher and the staff at the Columbus locations would always point me to the best deals on Children's books!! I just LOVE HPB

  30. I live near a HBP so close that I usually walk. This summer in Texas has been really, really hot. And well I was on a mission to find Game of Thrones searched high and low but it seemed there were no copies to be found. After a few weeks of fruitless searches. One where he book I needed went out the door just before I got there. the great employees of HPB who know how close I live joked about hanging up a string with a bell linking my house to the store. That way they could put the book on hold while I walked over and would also save me a trip in the heat. While we didn't actually do this I thank HPB for keeping the air conditioning on and cool, having a water cooler with water (Except that one time when I filled my water bottle in the bathroom, but thanks for those as well) and above all not kicking me out of the store when I walk in red faced, sweaty and I am sure stinky. Because letting someone in the store who just walked in 106 degree heat is awesome customer service.

  31. This is going to sound hokey, but it's the truth: it's pretty much impossible to choose a "best customer service experience" because every time I go, the staff is always friendly and helpful. Half Price Books is a shining example of what in-store customer service *should* be – ready and willing to help, without being pushy or overbearing. The few times that I have gone in looking for a particular book or movie and it wasn't in stock, the staff at my local store were willing to call around and have the item shipped to the store. So all I can say is, keep up the great work, Half Price!

  32. The Dallas store on Northwest Highway always provides the best service. I go in there with the worst possible memory of an author or what I believe is the author's name and they always put me on the right path. Plus, they don't mind me sitting on a foot stool going through the bargain cds. Never had a bad experience!

  33. Time to announce our randomly selected winner Congrats to Rio, with a very joyous experience in San Antonio! Many thanks to each and every one of you who responded with such vivid, positive experiences in our stores. You have blown us away with your love for HPB!Rio, I will contact you to make arrangements on sending your prize, a $25 HPB gift card! Happy shopping and thank you again for your great comment on HPB service. — Jessica W.

  34. I got great deals on books for healthy living..They are really expensive full price, but at my Corpus Christi Half Price, I can "load up" It's like getting a second and third opinion.

  35. Once, this woman cut me in line. And I said, hey, I was next! And she started in on this huge thing about how she moved over to this line and I didn't move over (because that line was CLOSED) blah blah blah and on and on and on and the cashier looked at me and just said, "Can I ring your order?" Thank you, for being same Half Price Books cashier.

  36. The first store I visited was in Arlington TX. About 18 yrs ago. We used to go to the flagship store in Dallas and buy a yrs worth of reading @ one time. We have not done that in a while. Now that we have an 8 yr old that is an avid reader, we need to revive that tradition!

  37. Staff at Countryside HPB are a bookish, cartoon-anime savvy, kind and helpful lot. I always enjoy going there. The hot coffee and accompanying couple of loung chairs are a great touch. Really feels like a book cafe. Makes me feel welcomed all of the time. When requested, they quickly come to my assistance and know a lot about their product. The clearance section is incredible. With great finds. I love their travel memoirs/story collection. It’s quite vast. My favorite at the moment. Well, okay, for a few years now. I wish them continued success and every joy.

  38. I believe in February or March of this year, my sister and I decided to make an overnight weekend to book shop in North Olmsted, Ohio. The main element behind the idea, of course, was Half Price Books. I had never been to a location as I have just started getting back into books the last 3 years and becoming an avid collector, as well as reader. Anyway, I only experienced how welcoming the staff was, how eager they were to help me find anything I was looking for, as I was overwhelmed with how many selections you carry, and how the check out guys were friendly and comical. I have been trying to plan another overnight trip with my sister as I have a new list I started awhile ago and am desperately needing the reality break. To me, your store was amazing for my first real book shopping experience. 😊

  39. I guess my very best experience was selling a huge number of books I had collected, the staff in Greenwood did an amazing job. Since I was not in a hurry, I set up a time to come back the next day and they had an offer ready and I bought more books to take home.

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