Top Seven Guides to Far Away Places

Hi guys! This is Jim Swayze. I was in a Half Price Books store last week and spotted a book about Australia that I wish I’d bought years ago during a trip to the outback. I’ve been searching for that book ever since, and out of the blue, there it was – for less than half price!  When you’re enjoying a walk-about at Half Price Books, these kinds of surprises are everywhere, and the prices are hotter than the proverbial shrimp-on-a-barbie!

Well, one of their Bibliomaniacs noticed the book in my hand and said, “Thought you might like this,” before handing me a blu-ray DVD of “Australia!”, which is Jenni’s favorite movie! Even better, it was cheaper than the book!!

Have you traveled anywhere fun lately? Now that summer is over and fall is in full swing, I bet lots of people are reminiscing about places down under & planning for trips to the edges of the earth– so where’s your favorite far away place? Spain, South Africa, or New Zealand? Vancouver, Seoul, Cabo San Lucas? Or, if you prefer to stick close to home, plan a staycation for you and your loved ones. The holidays will be here before we know it, and I know all my friends and family depend on me to deliver treasure hunts galore in the form of HPB gift cards!

Reporting from the store floor,

Jim Swayze

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