Title Poetry Contest Finalists & Winner (!!)

Okay, guys! We have finalists for our Title Poetry Contest! Hope everyone had fun with this.


Finalist #1

On the twelfth night,

Harry Potter (spilled) the goblet of fire

On Dante and caused the inferno of a lifetime,

Which raged on through an eclipse

That happened after twilight

–From Hollie in Fort Wayne




Finalist #2

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

Went to Treasure Island

Looking for the Wizard of Oz

And the Merchant of Venice,

Who they found in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

— From Sam in Austin




     Finalist #3



Alice in Wonderland

Went on Gulliver’s Travels

By hitching a ride with the Lord of the Rings

     And teaming up with Harry Potter & his deathly hallows

     To complete the Canterbury Tales on time

   — From Morgan in Dayton, Ohio



Finalist #4

In the Vatican Cellars,

The woman with the Scarlett Letter

Read of Memoirs of a Woman in Pleasure

and imagined the worlds of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

And realized she was not so Wicked, after all.

From Joe in Seattle





And our winner– drumroll, please!


Singing from the well,

The Ginger Man underwent a


From one of the Beautiful Losers

To Lady Chatterly’s Lover

— From Katie in Seattle

Congratulations, Katie! We’ll be in touch about your prize. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

— Kristen D.

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