Anatomy of a Librarian

Darek found this fantastic “Anatomy of a Librarian” infographic last week:

We at HPB are big fans of librarians (and educators in general — do you know about our Educator Discount program? Good stuff), so we love this, naturally.

I really get a kick out of the “librarian hobbies.” Which hobby is most surprising to you?

— Kristen D.


3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Librarian

  1. As a librarian in that middle bracket, I laughed that the 3rd most popular hobby was cooking & recipes. I don't find that's the case for the ones I know (and me!)

  2. I agree with Barbara. I am a librarian and do not cook! HA! I do see the average salary goes down after 55 yrs. I am wondering if that is because librarianship has a lot of people with career changes around that age? Also realize that many librarians have a masters degree. A nurse doesn't need to.

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