International Literacy Day: Top 10 Iconic Book Cover . . . T-shirts

Today is International Literacy Day! Over the weekend, Flavorwire compiled a list of the “20 Most Iconic Book Covers Ever”, which includes The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Catch 22 (a post we really enjoyed, since the possibility of finding iconic classic book editions is one of the best things about shopping our stores). Several commenters then pointed us to Out of Print, which produces these really cool literary T-shirts, and we had to share:

The t-shirt sizes are in men’s, kids’, and women’s (including Wuthering HeightsThe Bell Jar, and Song of Solomon), and each purchase sends a book to a community in need.

To bring all this full-circle, just yesterday Half Price Books was honored as one of Literacy Instruction For Texas’ Champions for Literacy. International Literacy Day is meant to focus attention on worldwide literacy needs — so let’s be sure to think about those who are not able to enjoy these iconic classics and take steps to improve literacy in our communities (you can start here!)

— Kristen D.

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