Staff Picks: Top Star Trek-Inspired Poems

The weekend before last, our Kentucky HPB team traveled to the Star Trek Convention in Nashville to exhibit, with Captain Kirk books and Star Fleet manuals in tow. Said Tory Herron, Kentucky District Manager, “As for ‘fun, cool, and/or funny,’ the convention was all that and more.  Everyone who went from HPB is a fan of the show in one form or another, so we didn’t feel out of our element—it was really great to see folks just embracing all of it.  If you are going to pay to go to one of these things, you give up the right to be ‘too cool for the room.’ So there’s no looking down your nose at people– no cynicism, none of the normal haters— because it was just a whole lot of people who were all happy to be together, talking about something they all have in common and enjoying the silliness for what it is.”


                                 (Kentucky HPBers showing their Trek spirit)

To tie in intergalactic shenanigans and literature, the staff held a Star Trek Poetry Contest. One of the poems, submitted by Emily Read, really summed it up for Tory: “I left my loser friends at home and went to the convention with my parents/ My friends are jealous, that I’m at Star Trek, they won’t get a shirt.” 

 Here are a few other choice selections:   

(Submitted by Tory’s husband, Wes) 

 (Submitted by a guy who claimed to not be a poet but a mathematician, so he provided his own form of poetry through binary code. Super cool and creative!)

In true team spirit, Tory also provided her own poem: “Oh Spock/ With your pointy ears/ Hear my plaintive cry/ Bilbo Baggins did not live in a hole.” Ha!

How about it, guys? Do we have any poets in our midst? We’d love to hear any Star-Trek inspired poems. Post ’em if you got ’em (in the comments).

— Becky

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