Literary Twitter Round-Up: #bookswithalettermissing

The book-loving community on Twitter is known for circulating literary-minded hashtags on a regular basis, and this week’s was #bookswithalettermissing. We brainstormed here in the office and got some good laughs (“The Brief & Wondrous Lie of Oscar Wao,” from Becky,” “Silence of the Labs” from Julie, and “Game of Scones” from David, who clearly reinterpreted.) We then tweeted it to our customers, who provided some pretty funny & clever responses:

glamtart One Hundred Ears Of Solitude #bookswithalettermissing (that is a bunch of lonely ears!) @halfpricebooks

bevheth Lady Chatterley’s Over – thank God for that, I thought it would never end #bookswithalettermissing

nKEnnedy RT @KellyFino: #bookswithalettermissing “Olive Twist” Popeye breaks up with Olive after finding out she’s really a man.

threehourzsleep The Canterbury Ales; how far will you go for a pint? #bookswithalettermissing @halfpricebooks

kyle_west The Da Vinci Ode – Dan Brown’s failed attempt at poetry. #bookswithalettermissing @halfpricebooks

sarah_olson25 @halfpricebooks “Lack Beauty” #bookswithalettermissing

sarah_olson25 @halfpricebooks “If You Give A Muse A Cookie” #bookswithalettermissing

threehourzsleep Huckleberry Inn #bookswithalettermissing @halfpricebooks

KatieIKirby Lord of the Lies, Lord of the Rigs #bookswithalettermissing @enchntdrose @halfpricebooks

rosylenses Lice in Wonderland @halfpricebooks #bookswithamissingletter

KaraSaysRelax @halfpricebooks The Girl with the Pear Earring

nerver RT @the_mixmaster: Little Omen #bookswithalettermissing @halfpricebooks

alelateresa The Lion, the Itch & the wardrobe @halfpricebooks #bookswithamissingletter

layne_hilyer @halfpricebooks A Series of Unfortunate Vents. #bookswithalettermissing


We thought this one was an amusing twist on the meme:

8bit_ben Imagine the Harry Potter books if he didn’t get the letter inviting him to Hogwarts. #bookswithalettermissing #misunderstoodhashtags


Some others we found that we thought were really funny, particularly because of the commentary:

shuzh3n Ride n prejudice – pple forced to use the public transport they hate #bookswithalettermissing

Limited_Supply Wuthering Eights – Emily Bronte: Catherine can’t decide who to marry and has to choose between 8 different men #bookswithalettermissing

Jacquenna O Kill A Mockingbird – Anti-tree huggers’ guide. #bookswithalettermissing

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Tone – where Harry Potter acquires Obama’s oratory skills. #bookswithalettermissing

RT @hai_ren: Jurassic Ark – After the Flood, Noah extracted DNA from mosquitos in amber to recreate dinosaurs #bookswithalettermissing

edwardgamper RT @Will_Hoe: #bookswithalettermissing Charlie and the Chocolate Factor – poverty-stricken youth enters Cadbury-sponsored reality TV talent show. 


Which #bookswithalettermissing have we missed? What are some of your other favorite literary hashtags?

— Kristen B.

4 thoughts on “Literary Twitter Round-Up: #bookswithalettermissing

  1. Ex on the Moon (Ben Mezrich), How to REALLY get your ex out of your life.Madame Ovary (Gustave Flaubert), Desperate married woman has affair in effort to be impregnated at peak fertility.The Handmaid's Ale (Margaret Atwood), Oppressed woman in future era seeks solace at the local pub.

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