Staff Picks: Top 5 Underrated Movie Makeovers

Our Apple Valley, MN store is undergoing a renovation this week and will reopen this coming Saturday (so thanks, Apple Valley customers, for your patience!) This remodel reminded us of one of our favorite motifs in all of entertainment: THE MOVIE MAKEOVER (which usually features the equally beloved MOVIE MONTAGE). You know it– rags to riches, misfit to most popular, ugly duckling to beautiful swan, often complimented by compelling musical orchestrations or oversynthesized 80s tunes.

As we were brainstorming, we realized that most lists feature the same movies in different orders (Grease, Clueless, She’s All That, Miss Congeniality, Never Been Kissed, My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries). These are all quality nominees, but we here at Half Price Books are about the unsung heroes, the underdogs, the hidden treasures —

So here are our Top FIVE UNDERRATED Movie Makeovers:

1. Cinderella (1950)–The original makeover; 2. Encino Man (1992)– caveman to 90s teenager makeover;  3. Jawbreaker (1999)– hush makeover; 4. Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)– role reversal makeover; 5. House Bunny (2008)– nerdy Zeta to Playboy Bunny makeover.

Thanks to Randall Wesley, Store Manager at Apple Valley, and his team for brainstorming Movie Makeover ideas. Good luck with your Reopening on Saturday!

What do you think? Did they miss one? What’s your favorite pick for Movie Makeovers? Or Best Movie Montage? (Bonus points for links to YouTube for our viewing pleasure.)

— Becky


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