8 Ways to Experience Comic-Con (If You Can’t Make Comic-Con)

Comic-Con is this weekend! Are you going? No? Perhaps this just wasn’t your year and you had to miss out on that road trip to San Diego once again? As a consolation, I have found that sometimes HPB can be the perfect place to get in the Comic-Con-ish spirit. So if you are stuck at home instead of going to California via Batmobile, here are my suggestions on how to shop our store with the Comic-Con spirit

Awesome “Walking Dead” employee at HPB in Louisville KYStep 1)  Dress up as your favorite sexy/tough/scary super-hero and/or villain and enter bookstore with unabashed fervor!

Note: If you want to shop around for longer than about 3 minutes, no weapons! And, please cover your offending parts so as not to be asked to leave — this is a bookstore after all.

Step 2) Bring a camera; you never know when you might see a celebrity in a bookstore. Trust us…we’ve seen them. You also never know when someone will want to take a picture with you!

Step 3) Take a leisurely stroll through the science fiction section. You may not be looking for anything in particular, but you may find a friend who knows who you are dressed as, and that might make you feel like a hero for the day.

Step 4) Walk briskly through the Romance section for these shoppers will be the most fearful.

Step 5) Spend most of your time in graphic novels and comics. You’ll be a conversation starter… you may even find the love of your life (perhaps she/he is reading this post and digging in the closet for a Hobbit outfit as well?) Check for some Charlie Huston or Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. Give us some time and eventually we’re sure to get Supergods. I personally can’t forget to grab an Ultimate X-Men or two for a little weekend reading.

Step 6) Make sure to peruse the DVDs… I was just in one of our Texas stores last week and saw Season 1 of Dexter for a great price. You never know what you will find! Maybe your ex-girlfriend took off with your entire TNG collection or you are gathering up The Big Bang Theory season by season– never fail to check for your favorite series or movie. If you are feeling really retro, check out the VHS section– they practically give those away and that little top-loader VCR in your garage is just aching for a hook-up.

Step 7) Ask someone, anyone, if they want your autograph. It’s just fun.

Step 8) Get a recommendation from your nearest bookseller. If you hate his/her recommendation, you can scoff heavily and storm off (or you could actually love it and check it out).

All right– I’m not fooling anyone; I know it’s no Comic-Con, but it beats the lines and the entry fee is FREE! If you are one of the lucky ones, have fun in San Diego, but if you aren’t… maybe I will see you in the Sci-Fi section this weekend. Now, where’d I put my Princess-Leia-buns headband?

What Comic-Con-type books or movies are you shopping for this weekend?

 — Becky

3 thoughts on “8 Ways to Experience Comic-Con (If You Can’t Make Comic-Con)

  1. 4) Walk briskly through the Romance Section for these shoppers will be the most fearful…Uh, have you read some of the romance novels out there today? Kim Harrison and Sherrilynn Kenyon will be at Comic Con this year and both write romance. They are writing "paranormal romance", full of vampires, werewolves, and other "otherworld" characters. There has been a lot of cross-over between Science Fiction/Fantasy and Romance over the last 10-15 years and it continues to grow.

  2. I should update everyone with exciting news….I FREAKIN' FOUND A COPY OF SUPERGODS BY GRANT MORRISON IN THE NW HWY STORE IN DALLAS YESTERDAY. I bought it. I bought it real quick. Keep your eyes out and visit often! Oh and live long and prosper!

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