The Magic of Reading

Two big premieres are happening this week: The Great Opening of our new San Antonio store (hurray!), and the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (sob). To celebrate the two, yesterday we began our Great Opening festivities with “Share the Magic of Reading!” a Harry Potter-inspired reading event that benefitted SA Reads, a collaborative community initiative designed to make grade-level reading a reality for all students.

Yesterday was very eventful at our new Stone Ridge Market store! Shaun Stevens, FOX 29’s fantastic meteorologist, broadcasted live from 7-9 a.m. (his forecast: HOT. With a chance of EVEN HOTTER.) Shaun donned his Harry Potter-style spectacles made from black pipe cleaners, and he was joined by several very enthusiastic Harry Potter fans.

Fox van

Shaun Stevens

Adorable Rex with his Harry Potter glasses

Joseph I-Leach and his sock monkey Scout, who dressed as a wizard just for today. Joseph dressed as a Wizard dressing as a Muggle.

Scout the Sock Monkey.

Wizards of all ages were invited to grab their wands and follow their very own Magician’s Map to reading adventures throughout the store. For every magical minute spent reading, Half Price Books pledged to donate $1 to SA Reads. We’re happy to announce that we met and exceeded our Grand Magical Reading Total goal of 2,000 Minutes!

BW: left to right: Kaden Fulbright, Kaia Fulbright, BW, Allison Evans, Faith Fulbright

Costume Contest: 5 Hermiones & a Harry — Joseph I-Leach and Scout the Sock Monkey also participated, but are not pictured.

Costume Contest Winner: Kaylin Maxwell!

Check out the piece FOX 29 did on the event! »


For your own adventure, download this fun Magic Word Search.

Happy Reading (and watching, for all you Harry Potter midnight movie-goers!) — Emily  

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Reading

  1. You obviously look like Harry Potter. And it makes you look very cute. This is so amazing, wizards of all ages were invited to grab their wands and follow their very own Magicians Map to reading adventures throughout the store. My son has all the DVD collection of Harry Potter. And we always watch this movie with a projector at home.

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