Staff Picks: Top Five Post-Potter Picks

Let it be known that a Half Price Books employee is never too busy to suggest a book!

Our staff down in San Antonio, Texas is gearing up for a brand new store opening in Stone Ridge Market Thursday, but even in the midst of building a new bookstore, they took a few moments to make some great suggestions to kids (and adults alike) who are going through Potter-mourning/withdrawal. Even if JK Rowling’s series got you interested in fantasy for the first time, we’d love to keep feeding your fantasy fever.

Without further ado, here are HPB San Antonio’s Top 5 Post-Potter Picks:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

This New York Times best-selling series is a must-read for any adventurous youth or youth-at-heart. Our hero, Percy, seems like an ordinary boy with a few hurdles to mount, but soon finds out he’s an extraordinary kid destined for a great journey.



The Tortall Universe Series by Tamora Pierce

In this series, Pierce creates the magical place of Tortall very reminiscent of the European Middle Ages that is well-suited for young adult readers.  



The Inkheart Trilogy & Sequels by Cornelia Funke

Meggie Folchart is the teenage heroine in this series whose adventure begins when she realizes she and her father have the ability to bring book characters to life. What better way to share the magic of reading than by celebrating its creatures and characters!



Dark is Rising Series by Susan Cooper

This young adult fantasy series is Good versus Evil at its best. Its stories are based on myths from the time of King Arthur as well as Celtic and Norse legends. It is perfect for older children, young adults and adults alike. In 1974, “The Dark Is Rising” (the second book in the series) received a Newbery Honor and in 1976, “The Grey King” (the fourth book in the series) received a Newbery Medal.



Time Quintet Series by Madeleine L’Engle

The award-winning “A Wrinkle in Time” kicks off this series and follows the lives of the Murry family. This book may have been required reading in middle school, but many are surprised to find out the adventure continues!



Which other books would you recommend for Harry Potter lovers?

HP Forever, Becky

5 thoughts on “Staff Picks: Top Five Post-Potter Picks

  1. I recommend the Westmark series and the Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander. They are full of action, magic and romance, but a bit lighter than HP and would be appropriate even for younger children (8 and up). I read them in middle school and enjoyed them immensely!

  2. Diane Duane's Young Wizards series ("So You Want to Be a Wizard" is the first) and its companion Feline Wizards series. Wizardry, science, great characters, and cats. What's not to love?

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