23 Must-Read Books for Fans of High Fantasy, Twilight, D&D and More!

Dragons, magic, rabbit holes, medieval battles and vampires, OH MY! In recent weeks, fans of the fantasy genre have been thrilled to get their hands on a new book set in The Hunger Games universe, and excited for an announcement of a new Twilight novel to come. If you, like me, have already finished The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and are looking for your next read while waiting for Midnight Sun, look no further! Check out some of the fantasy novels other booklovers just like you are recommending on HPB.com.


The Starless Sea
“Like an adult Alice in Wonderland. Such an adventure from start to finish. Really captivating and unique, like an adult version of Alice in Wonderland. There’s mystery and romance and fantasy…really good for anyone who likes any sort of genre book! Definitely a new favorite.” Continue reading

Best of the Decade: 1950s

Editor’s Note: This year, our Half Price Books calendar once again features lists of books, movies and music. We’re heading into a new decade with a new focus…the past. Each month, we’ll share a list of events, inventions and, of course, books, movies and music, from every decade since the 1900s right here on the blog. Enjoy!

Charlie Brown causes a cute commotion in newspapers nationwide and Rosa Parks’ choice to remain seated makes a major statement. This month, we share a few important events as well as the books, music and movies that shaped society in the 1950s.

1950s 2


Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison Continue reading

HPB Presents: Featured Collectibles Auction-SOLD

Welcome to our Featured Collectibles Auction! We are thrilled to share with you some wonderful rare finds and incredible collectibles. Read on for current item details as well as information on the bidding process!

Congratulations to Chester P., who has won this beautiful copy of Carlton Winford’s Femme Mimics with his last-minute bid of $251. Our lucky winner notes that his first name is the oldest in the English language and his surname, which means “wise man,” dates to 13th-century France.

Quite a few people were very interested in this unusual book, and we appreciate everyone’s participation in our first HPB Collectibles Auction. Watch for more auctions, coming soon!


This week we’re auctioning off a copy of a curious classic by author Carlton Winford – Femme Mimics! See more about Carlton Winford and Femme Mimics, which John Waters once listed as one of his favorite books, in this video.

Introducing this absolute gem for collectors, Femme Mimics. Way back in 1954, Carlton Winford, an enterprising fellow in Dallas, wrote and self-published one of the first books on crossdressing that was both well-researched and entertaining. It’s a scarce item, and our copy is among the best-preserved you can find. This pristine copy came from the author’s personal collection, untouched for decades and stored away in its original packing box.

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Title: Femme Mimics
Author: Carlton Winford
Additional Info: First Edition. Winford Publishing, 1954
Condition: Fine, in dust jacket, profusely illustrated
Minimum Bid: $100
Email your bid to: atbg@halfpricebooks.com

The highest bid received by 5 p.m. CT on Sunday, May 17 wins the book! Shipping and payment will be arranged with the winning bidder via email once the auction has ended. If two or more bids are received for the same amount, the item will go to the earliest bidder.

Best of the Decade: 1940s

Editor’s Note: This year, our Half Price Books calendar once again features lists of books, movies and music. We’re heading into a new decade with a new focus…the past. Each month, we’ll share a list of events, inventions and, of course, books, movies and music, from every decade since the 1900s right here on the blog. Enjoy!

What’s up, doc? Bugs Bunny debuts and Jackie Robinson’s career breaks barriers in the world of baseball. But that’s not all that happened. Check out the other life changing events, including releases of books, music and movies, that occurred in the 1940s.

1940s 1

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We are all dealing with the current global pandemic in different ways. Whether you are looking for books about pandemics or diseases to get more details, or you are seeking novels to help escape our current reality, Half Price Books has you covered. We recently launched Reviews on our website and customers have been sharing their thoughts on their current quarantine reads. Check out some of the books that our customers have been reading during their quarantine!

Books Customers Recommended to Relax and Escape Reality:

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto
“I keep giving my copy away! Mesmerizing! The value of goodness, gratitude & love captured my water. Perfect read for Covid-19 isolation.”

9780743289801_ed208 Continue reading


Half Price Books recently launched Reviews on our website, where customers can leave their thoughts on books, movies and music to help other shoppers choose their next great read, watch or listen. We are happy to report that we have received thousands of reviews from people just like you! Overall, the responses have made us laugh, cry and definitely want to sink our teeth into some fantastic books, movies and music. Below we’ve compiled a list of 12 books that have earned five star ratings from our customers, making them the ever-coveted “Must Read”!

World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War  by Max Brooks


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Half Price Books Presents- A Q&A with Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Divergent series, the Carve the Mark duology, The End and Other Beginnings collection of short fiction as well as many short stories and essays. Her latest novel, The Chosen Ones is set fifteen years after five ordinary teenagers were singled out by a prophecy to take down an impossibly powerful entity wreaking havoc across North America. After the Dark One fell, the world went back to normal . . . for everyone but them. After all, what do you do when you’re the most famous people on Earth, your only education was in magical destruction, and your purpose in life is now fulfilled?

Half Price Books had originally planned to host Veronica Roth for an author event in conjunction with the release of this incredible new book, but unfortunately had to cancel due to the coronavirus. However, we are so grateful that she took the time to answer some of the burning questions that fans sent in.

Meet Veronica Roth

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Helpful Resources for Our Homebound Booklovers

Running out of ideas for things to do while stuck at home? Half Price Books is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of resources that include a little bit of everything, including inspiration for homeschool activities, fun virtual story times and book lists for those who don’t know where to start. We hope this lists helps, and remember to stay home, wash your hands and keep reading!


Children’s Learning Activities/Resources

Half Price Books’ Feed Your Brain– This year we’re kicking off our reading program early with a collection of activities and book suggestions to help keep your children’s minds active while at home! Check back frequently for more downloadable content. Continue reading