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International Apostrophe Day 

Today is International Apostrophe Day, according to Guardian Style, and we couldn't help sharing this awesome "How To Use An Apostrophe" poster from The Oatmeal. Click on the image for a web-based version of the poster.  


Fantastic stuff. Which apostrophe mistakes drive you crazy?

-- Emily

Reader Comments (1)

I love this idea! I love English grammar, punctuation and spelling ... and I wish more people cared even a LITTLE about it! The misuse of apostrophes that "injure" my sensibilities the most are house signs (or, should I say SIGN'S?? that say SMITH'S or HARRISON'S ... as if one member of either family lives there. Of course, this error is rampant on invitations and announcements.

And, may I share a sweet apostrophe story? I have been on a Facebook Group for a while, and I finally asked the administrator if it would be possible to remove the incorrect/superfluous apostrophe from the group's title. (I won't mention the name of the group -- Let's just say it was akin to WINE CONOISSEUR'S.) The administrator was so upset that I had pointed out a flaw in his punctuation that he harrassed me via Facebook message, and finally removed me from the group! Hmmm ...It takes all types! (... or, should I say TYPE'S?)

January 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDonna Snyder

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